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  • Who is behind CardPartner?
    CardPartner technology is provided through UMB Bank, n.a., the lead bank of UMB Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: UMBF) – a financial services holding company headquartered in Kansas City, Mo. Visa® credit cards offered through CardPartner are issued by UMB Bank, n.a. and manages the administration for card programs offered by CardPartner.
  • We already have a card program. Should we switch?
    You clearly have to abide by your current provider’s Terms and Conditions. However, before your current program comes up for renewal, we suggest that you consider how much support you are receiving from your current provider, the level of customization and choice they offer and particularly the benefits they give your supporters. Many of our current celebrated partners switched to CardPartner when their contracts with traditional issuers expired.
  • What’s the catch?
    A successful program will involve a dedicated and ongoing Marketing effort from your organization. We provide tools and resources to assist, however you will need to be a Marketing rock star for your card program.
  • Will my organization qualify for the program?
    CardPartner evaluates several criterion throughout the application process and criteria can often change. We strive to ensure each organization is a good fit for our business model because we want your card program to be successful. Two key indicators that a program may be successful are:You are a Marketing guru and your organization has resources to dedicate to the ongoing Marketing and optimization of your card program.​You know your membership base well and know a loyalty card program would be valuable to your supporters or members.
  • What if our card program is not a success?
    ​When our partners win, CardPartner wins too. We want to ensure every partners success in the card space and we have dedicated resources on hand to assist you along the way. However, organizations that do not effectively promote and grow their CardPartner program risk being disqualified and terminated from the program.​
  • Brutal. What happens if my program is terminated?
    ​Consider it a mutual break up. As long your organization adheres to all program terms and conditions as outlined in your agreement, there are no penalties or additional fees.​
  • Do we need to share our membership lists through CardPartner?
    ​No. There is no reason for you to release your lists (snail mail or email) to us. You can execute all the marketing for your affinity program yourself (using our online marketing toolkit and your existing channels). We do manage email marketing campaigns for select qualified groups. If you’re interested in having us execute your campaigns, please let us know.​​​​
  • How does CardPartner generate revenue for my organization?
    ​For every activated card, your program will be paid a monthly account bounty. In addition, a percentage of the revenue generated by your program card holders will be paid into your account on a quarterly basis.​​​​
  • How much income will the card program provide us?
    ​That depends on how many of your supporters use the card and their spending habits. The more supporters who use your card, the greater the income you’ll receive. ​​
  • What happens if one of our supporters can’t repay his or her debt? Are we liable?
    ​There is no need to be concerned, as this would strictly be an issue between the individual cardholder and UMB Bank, the bank issuing the card.​
  • How do our supporters apply for our new credit card?
    ​They simply go to the Web page we will provide you once your organization’s request to participate has been approved and your account is activated. The website is operated by UMB and is accessed through a secure link from the CardPartner website. Once the card applicant is there, they can apply through our secure online application process. Mail-in applications will also be available for you to distribute in your online marketing toolkit.​​​