Rewards and Incentive

Mutual Benefits

Your co-branded card allows cardholders to gain rewards and discounts from the brands they love, and allows your organization to acquire customers and build loyalty.

For your organization

  • Financial benefit: UMB offers competitive incentives to reward the organization for marketing their card program.
  • Customer engagement/loyalty: A co-branded credit card can lead to increased customer loyalty. Your customers will be less likely to turn to competitors if they know they can reap better benefits and rewards with your card program.
  • Gain new customers: Co-branded credit cards can lead to new customers, especially if you offer lucrative and practical rewards. Someone who used to shop with your competitor or support a different cause might opt to support your brand instead

For your cardholders

In addition to all the benefits of a Visa® card, your customers will receive a specially negotiated package of enhanced benefits.

  • Competitive interest rate
  • Rewards points
  • Emergency cash disbursement
  • Emergency card replacement
  • Lost/stolen card reporting
  • Lost luggage replacement
  • Purchase security
  • Travel and emergency assistance services